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Limerick Suicide Watch

Upstream have partnered with Limerick Suicide Watch to capture stories around mental health and wellbeing in Limerick and beyond. 

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Upstream has been helping clients navigate complex challenges since being founded in 2016 and adopts a progressive, straight talking approach, based on anthro-complexity and adaptive safety approaches. The solutions provided by Upstream add real value to the businesses & communities served, positively influencing their resilience both internally & externally.

Our Partners

Upstream are preferred partners in the Cognitive Edge network, which ensures clients always benefit from the latest developments and research emerging from Complex Adaptive Systems theory. We work on projects in both public and private sectors with Cognitive Edge, and our clients really enjoy working with stories for sense-making. We do this via narrative workshops and using SenseMaker®.

Upstream is a preferred partner in the Cognitive Edge network.

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Countless studies have shown that mindfulness and meditation can have a positive impact on a persons mental and physical health and well being. Benefits include reducing stress, improving sleep as well as increasing focus and concentration.

With that in mind we have prepared a number of meditations for the Upstream community. Why not take a moment to sit back, relax and bring some calm into your day

Some organizations we have worked with ..