Focus Ireland Sleep Out – Thank You!

In October I slept out in Cork City Gaol to raise much needed funds for Focus Ireland. Thanks to the very generous support of friends, clients & family a total of €1508.47 was raised. I am so grateful to everyone who donated, and have no doubt the money raised will bring about positive change for many individuals facing homelessness around the country.

I have seen many documentaries and heart breaking stories covered on TV this past while of working people struggling to make ends meet; and as a result ending up seeking out the services of Focus Ireland and other such support services to help them avoid entering the growing number of homeless individuals and families around the country.

When Rebecca Reynolds of Focus Ireland called & asked me to partake in an overnight sleep out in Cork City Gaol, I couldn’t not partake. The homelessness crisis, some of which is no doubt resulting from the growth of vulture funds in Ireland, is something that I feel very strongly about. I signed up and on Friday the 13th of October arrived to Cork City Gaol at 6pm where I met other like-minded individuals who were doing their bit to help this great cause.

It was a wet evening. Now and again I’d see some partakers looking up at the sky to see if the rain ‘might ease off’ before we struck for the outdoors, equipped with only our sleeping bags, some cardboard & a sheet of plastic. We had a meet & greet inside, where we got to chat with some of the other participants. Focus Ireland presented on the frightening statistics that are currently at play in Ireland.

Thanks again…

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