Women in Health & Safety

My first ‘Women in Health & Safety’ event attending (December 7th, 2017), hosted by Acre & SHP magazine, proved to be a fun and memorable one. I was really impressed with the size of the crowd in attendance at this event at SHP HQ in Southwark. Heather Beech, former editor of SHP and now Managing Director of the Healthy Work Company, got the ball rolling and introduced the event with a very touching speech. One question posed by Heather was to know how many women in the room suffered from what she termed ‘imposter syndrome’. A few hands went up. When she elaborated what was meant by imposter syndrome, that for many years she felt that she would be ‘found out’, that she felt that she was really an imposter, that resonated with the majority of people in the room, as could be evidenced by the show of hands a 2nd time round. (See more on Heather’s speech here).

Speed mentoring ensued, whereby people starting out in Health & Safety were given an opportunity to chat with potential mentors as they moved along tables with five minutes with each mentor. The energy was unreal, the energetic conversations and laughter was really positive to see.




James Evison, editor of SHP, delivered a few words also on his vision for where H&S is headed. It was a refreshing outlook and overall I have to say I left feeling positively upbeat for the appetite for change I witnessed in so many speeches and conversations on the night.

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