Cognitive Edge training event July 4th & 5th

Are you finding that problems aren’t as straight forward as they used to be? That approaches used successfully in the past are losing their usefulness when applied to todays challenges? You’re not alone, our world is changing at a phenomenal pace, and sometimes knowing what action to take can be mind-boggling…

We’re beginning to realise that not every outcome can be predicted, that cause and effect can only be recognised in hindsight in many situations, and that we need to get comfortable with uncertainty.

This can all seem a bit daunting, but alas, I bring good news! We can learn about this uncertainty and find ways to work with it, to navigate its ever-changing state, and to nudge our organisations in a more desirable direction with our deepened understanding.

Cognitive Edge are hosting a training event in Dublin on July 4th & 5th. During this 2 day course we will look at managing uncertainty & complexity, we will use some hands-on methods to learn how to make sense of the issues we face, and in turn differentiate between the different responses we need to take in various contexts.

An added bonus for attendees is that Dave Snowden will be popping in on day two of this course to deliver some of the content! 🙂 See this link for more details:

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