Navigating Complexity Workshop in Dublin with Sonja Blignaut

Navigating Complexity Event Dublin by Upstream

There is a growing awareness that the organisations we work in are more like unpredictable and interconnected ecosystems than predictable machines. In these complex ecosystems, most of our models and “best practices” are no longer effective and managers and decision makers often find that they are not equipped for this new world of work as prevailing management paradigms are based on assumptions of linearity, predictability, and certainty.

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that organisations that want to become strategically agile and responsive will need to fundamentally shift not only work practices but also how they think, strategise and organise.

Sonja Blignaut of More Beyond (South Africa), an expert in complexity applied to leadership, will be delivering this workshop.

In this workshop, Sonja will demystify complexity: we will explore:

  • what complexity is (vs complicatedness)
  • where it comes from and why our contexts seem to be becoming more complex and uncertain
  • how to make sense of the contexts we are in and the problems we face
  • how to manage and strategise in uncertainty
  • re-thinking our approaches to change, culture and organisation design

Workshop Objectives

  • Time to make sense of, and integrate the new ideas with your own knowledge and unique context.
  • A model for navigating and working in complex systems, integrating a lot of Dave Snowden’s and other thought leader’s work including the Cynefin framework.
  • Helping you find suitable contexts and problems in your working environment where you can immediately apply the new thinking.
  • Finding your own language, metaphors, and stories to communicate the ideas effectively to decision-makers.
  • A brief introduction to existing products/processes that might be used as low-risk pilots to introduce the ideas to your organization.

Who is this workshop for?

For those who may be:

  • Feeling “unmoored” – as if you are continually having to navigate uncharted waters with no compass?
  • Frustrated that the methods and approaches that used to lead to success no longer seem to work?
  • Experiencing increasing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity? Plans and strategies made today seem irrelevant within months if not weeks?
  • Tired of having to make decisions with little or no data?
  • Curious why approaches that promise significant change (like Agile) never seem to reach its full potential?

Wanting to learn how to lead, strategise and design organisations that are adaptive?

A recent attendee said:

[pullquote align=center]

Being able to manage complexity is incredibly important for the times that we live and work in. I recently attended a workshop on complexity, looking specifically at the Cynefin framework. Sonja explained the concept in an amazingly succinct and practical manner.


Sonja Blignaut is a thinking partner for leaders, practitioners and change-makers who need to lead in uncertainty; enable strategic agility and create future-fit organisations.

She specialises in the practical application of complexity theory and providing practical tools to navigate uncertainty and create coherent and adaptive organisations.

Based in South Africa, Sonja looks after the global Cynefin Network for Cognitive Edge, and has been Prof Dave Snowden’s exclusive South African partner since 2007.

She has extensive experience in financial services as well as many other industries including telecoms, energy, mining and the public sector.

She teaches locally and internationally on Complexity and Change Fitness, Sense-making and Cynefin; and Designing Adaptive Organisations. She is certified in various individual and systemic coaching methods and a sought after speaker.

Feel free to explore on navigating complexity and Sonja Blignaut on her blog

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