Webinar with Cognitive Edge on ‘Cynefin(R) and Safety’

Safety in organizations is not produced or manufactured. Leading safety experts agree, they see safety as an emergent property of many interacting forces, such as employees, policies, incentive systems and regulatory requirements in a complex adaptive system: an organization. This new view, different from the traditional view held by industry leaders and executives, has been strongly influenced and supported by the Cynefin Framework.

Marion was invited to speak on a webinar on ‘Cynefin® and safety’ in October 2020, hosted by Cognitive Edge, where Michael Cheveldave spoke with Marion and her fellow panelists: Gary Wong, Brian “Ponch” Rivera, Rick Strycker, Boudewijn Bertsch. To view this webinar, click on the image below.

Catch the webinar here – https://www.cognitive-edge.com/cynefin21-cynefin-and-safety-1/

Webinar with Cognitive Edge on 'Cynefin(R) and Safety'