Our Approach

I have attended many conferences and training days in my 26 years in this organisation. This workshop was one of the best, no the best, that I have ever attended. It was so different, I learned more about working here from people (both new starts and senior) than I learned elsewhere before. It was brilliant.

Tom Shanahan, Director at D.S.M. Process Installations Ltd, Limerick

Human Factors

[pullquote align=center] Human factors refer to environmental, organisational and job factors, and human and individual characteristics which influence behaviour at work ...
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Safety Differently

A growing belief is that industry is currently suffering from compliance overload and needs an alternative Health & Safety solution. Efforts ...
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Health, Safety & Wellbeing

[pullquote align=center] Health, Safety & Wellbeing. How are the three connected? [/pullquote] They are so inextricably linked, they are inseparable ...
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