Health, Safety & Wellbeing

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Health, Safety & Wellbeing. How are the three connected?


They are so inextricably linked, they are inseparable. When workplace conditions are improved, safety is enhanced and overall wellbeing has the potential to improve. On the other hand, if a workplace has less than desirable working conditions the result can be substantial safety risks, health has a good chance of deteriorating & wellbeing is unlikely to thrive.

Total Worker Health is a body of research which is gaining some momentum in the United States. This train of thought, based on considerable empirical research, is of the opinion that our Human Resources, Health & Safety and Occupational Health Departments should be united in their view of employees health, safety & wellbeing. The thinking is that a safe worker is a healthy worker, and vice versa.

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Why bother with integration?

∗ Evidence supports that integrated approach works
∗ Rising costs of healthcare
∗ Recognition that there is an overlap between ‘work-related’ an ‘non work-related’ health issues

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At Upstream we can help organisations by creating policies, programs, and practices which protect and promote worker safety, health, and well-being in line with TWH principles.