Safety Differently

A growing belief is that industry is currently suffering from compliance overload and needs an alternative Health & Safety solution.

Efforts that in the past that have been highly successful in reducing injury rates appear to be now inhibiting us of further progress in our current fast-changing, globalised & technology driven world. In short, as H&S professionals, we at Upstream believe that we need to efficiently deliver business objectives, not hinder them.

One potential alternative solution is ‘Safety Differently’. When in Holland in 2015 attending a Master Class in Human Factors with Professor Sidney Dekker, Upstream founder Marion became very familiar with ‘Safety Differently’ research, which is beginning to get noticed globally.

“Practical & refreshing” were the words used by Marion to describe Safety Differently. It offers a very different approach to safety than that which is predominant currently, safety management rather than liability management.

It gives credit to workers for getting things right, which they do most of the time. It looks on people as the solution, looks at safety as the presence of positives & also safety as an ethical responsibility. Marion sees Safety Differently as playing a major role in services provided by Upstream, which will bring workable and practical solutions to businesses, delivering real value.