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Each business is unique and has training requirements specific to its own business or organisation. At Upstream we can design and deliver training packages to satisfy these training needs.

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Bespoke Services

Not everything can be sold off the shelf, at Upstream we understand that offer the flexibility to love to work directly with our clients to create something tailored to their unique requirements

Changing organisational culture via working with stories

Changing organisational culturevia working with stories Imagine being able to identify weak signals in advance, ones which are plausible and ...
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Learning Teams

At Upstream we partner with Art of Work to facilitate learning teams and train employees within client organisations to become ...
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Employee engagement and talent retention

With a 'turnover tsunami' on the horizon, and employee engagement on the decrease, it is a worrying time for many ...
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Video Production /Safety Videos

In the digital age we live in books and manual are becoming more and more redundant with each passing day ...
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Wellbeing Pulse

Weaving employee wellbeing into the fabric of our organisations to build resilience

Stress is a term much spoken about this past few years, with many interventions, programmes and audits focused on managing ...
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Corporate Wellbeing

Words have power and conversations matter Each of us can have an impact on the people around us through the ...
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