Corporate Wellbeing

Words have power and conversations matter

Each of us can have an impact on the people around us through the words, tone and language we use. In turn, we can be influenced by these attributes in others.

This session, which incorporates elements of:

  • positive psychology
  • mindfulness
  • growth mindset and emotional intelligence

will equip you with the knowledge and tools to positively influence how you interact with others in the workplace, leading to stress reduction and improved employee engagement.

Marion Kiely, founder of Upstream, lectures on Work Related Stress in UCC and has conducted extensive research into mindfulness based interventions as part of her MSc in Occupational Health.

In this session, Marion provides helpful examples and a practical approach to corporate well being thereby delivering real value to business.


For more information on Upstream’s Corporate Wellbeing sessions contact Marion on 087 6409975 or drop us and email to info(at)