Video Production /Safety Videos

In the digital age we live in books and manual are becoming more and more redundant with each passing day. People have a preference for illustration.

Many companies have done away with paper manuals, moving to online training videos that clients and staff can access from anywhere. These training videos can add value by reassuring them how easy it is to perform certain tasks.

Because online training videos can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, it dramatically reduces the need for trainees or trainers to travel to receive their training.

The videos we produce are to the highest quality.  In our initial consultation with our client we will listen to what the objectives are that want to be achieved, and what the key messages are.  Depending on what the client needs, we will create content/ script for the video clips, hire actors if necessary, travel to the client site, and edit to the highest quality.  We partner with a video editor who produces programmes for national Irish television, so quality is of the highest level.

Videos available in the areas of –

  • Safety videos
  • Wellbeing
  • Bespoke Safety Induction
  • Video Composition

15 and 30 minute video options. Contact us for pricing detail.

Terms and conditions

The costs detailed here are for initial consultation with client, shooting video at a client location, writing of script and voice over, and one opportunity for client to request edits once video is presented to them.  It does not include the use of actors or travel to/from client site. These additional costs, if they are required, will be invoiced separately.  If you have any queries in relation to same, please email us, we are happy to talk through your individual requirements.

Bespoke video production is part of of what we do at Upstream, take a look at the sample video below that we recently produced for tranzaura