Weaving employee wellbeing into the fabric of our organisations to build resilience

Wellbeing Pulse

Stress is a term much spoken about this past few years, with many interventions, programmes and audits focused on managing and preventing stress-related absenteeism and ill-health.

Upstream partnered with Cognitive Edge to take a close look at this space and based on the research we undertook and feedback from various stakeholders, we decided to collaborate to design a Wellbeing Pulse (as opposed to a ‘Stress Audit’). Our choice of language here is deliberate, we are choosing to focus on the doughnut so to speak, not just the hole… Stress and wellbeing are two sides of the same coin, but it is much more palatable to put our finger on the pulse of our organisations wellbeing, rather than audit the stress levels.

We pose this metaphorical question relating to employee wellbeing to those working in leadership roles in organisations: are you interested in putting plasters on cuts; or in preventing the cuts from occurring in the first place?

Marion Kiely

The Wellbeing Pulse can be viewed on this link.. It is a refreshing tool which lends itself to a deeper understanding into what is really happening in our organisation, and encourages collaboration between groups & functions when looking to develop ‘next steps’. At Upstream we help organisations roll out a Wellbeing Pulse, and to make sense of the patterns found in the narratives collected, and develop actions based on these. This ultimately leads to better decision making and a more resilient workplace, where what helps employees get work done is amplified, and what hinders them in getting their work done is explored and dampened.

Collecting short stories (micro-narratives) from employees via SenseMaker® differs when compared to traditional collection methods, that is why this method may appeal to some employers who up until now may have shied away from issuing ‘stress surveys’ due to their unease with leading questions.

We are very excited about this Wellbeing Pulse, which showcases not only the gaps that need to be addressed, but it shows through stories all the good that is happening too. This is the beauty of the Wellbeing Pulse, it shows us areas that are working well, and we can look at ways of amplifying that throughout the organisation.

Please reach out to us if you would like to know more about the Wellbeing Pulse and psychosocial aspects of work, we never tire of this fascinating subject matter, and are more than happy to share our knowledge with you.